Tulum Travel Guide

Tulum Travel Guide


Cozumel, situated in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, offers a mix of the old and new – specifically the great Mayan empire and twenty first century lifestyles. Maintaining beaches, archaeological sites, and flora-fauna, Tulum is no more a secret that tourist love to indulge themselves through natural sightseeing and recreational approach to life. This guide will enable you to find what you are looking for when you are in Tulum be it the s eaHS, the historical sites, the beach s, the cenotes or the ruins.

Getting There

Tulum is located 2 1⁄2 hours or 130 kilometers south of Cancun. The closest airport is Cancun International Airport (IATA code – CUN), providing flights from most international capitals and major cities. There are different ways to get from Cancun to Tulum: by car, by contracted bus, or by a taxi. The drive take about 1. Primarily, some 5 to 2 hours along Highway 307.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year for visiting Tulum is at the beginning of the tourist season – from November to April when the temperature is rather warm. This time eliminates the period with the highest occurrence of hurricanes and has favorable temperature for traveling and doing outdoor activities. From May to October is low season because it is hot with some occasional rains, people less travel and everything is very cheaper.

Where to Stay

When it comes to lodging, Tulum has everything starting from low budget hostels to upper standards class hotels. Here are some popular options:Here are some popular options:

  1. Beachfront Hotels: For those willing to literally spend more, the best rental accommodation option available is that of a beachfront hotel or a resort. Many of these properties include secluded coastline, swimming pool deck in close proximity to the sea and other luxurious facilities. Few of the best beach hotels include Azulik, Be Tulum and Nomade Tulum.
  2. Eco-Friendly Resorts: Current awareness of environmental issues can also be noted in Tulum. The trend of providing accommodation that is innately sustainable is common in many resorts today. Ahau Tulum and Papaya Playa Project are among some of that are recognized.
  3. Budget Hostels: If you are tight on cash you can find many hostels and affordable hotels in Tulum Pueblo which is the main part of the city. Hey there, a few places I can suggest for you to stay – Che Tulum Hostel & Bar and Mayan Monkey Hostel.

Top Attractions

Tulum Ruins

The Tulum Ruins are the most common and famous spot of attraction in the region. Coba is another well-kept Mayan site easily accessible from Tulum, that rises on a cliff and offers the view of the Caribbean Sea. These include the Temple of the Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God, the El Castillo Pyramid. This is because many a time you will find people are already waiting for you, especially if you go there in the mid-morning or mid-noon.


Cenotes are large natural pits filled with water and surrounded by underground limestone, and Tulum has many of it for the tourists to enjoy. Some of the most popular cenotes near Tulum include:Some of the most popular cenotes near Tulum include:

  1. Gran Cenote: Renowned for its squaclar water and good snorkelling conditions.
  2. Dos Ojos: One of its specialties is cave diving; thus, the underwater experience here is off the charts.
  3. Cenote Calavera: The temple is also popular with the name of the Temple Of Doom it is a great place known for swimming and deep diving.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is another popular tourist attraction is one of the World Heritage Site to visti for wildlife and touring. This is probably one of the largest reserves that house many animals such as the jaguar, monkeys, and a variety of birds. Sights that can be viewed include wetlands; mangrove forests; and coral gardens and there are boat tours to enable one view these.

Tulum Beach

One has to agree that among the most stunning coastlines in the entire world, Tulum has its fair share. The main beach front is enclosed by beach clubs where people can rent sun beds, mini restaurant bars and confectioners. Famous hosts are Touker Smail, Lulu Guinness, and Vivienne Westwood, and favorite beach clubs include Ziggy’s Beach Club, La Zebra, and Coco Tulum. The second place is a perfect option for those who prefer calm, the place is located at the public beach area close to the Tulum Ruins.

Activities and Excursions

Snorkeling and Diving

One of the most outstanding geographical features is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that is the second biggest coral reef system globally and is located near the beach of Tulum. Snorkeling and diving to the reef is a typical tour where tourists can linger through colored coral reefs and watch sea turtles, rays, and multicolored fish.

Yoga and Wellness
Tulum is focused on the health of the mind, body, and spirit with multiple resort activities, such as yoga and meditation. Ya’an Wellness Energy Healing Spa and Sanara Tulum are such examples of organizations that specialize in wellness programs. Performing some yoga exercises in the morning by the beach is one idea that could be adopted.

Explore Tulum Pueblo

Tulum Pueblo, the town area is a bit different from the beach area, it is the downtown area of Tulum. There you can find grocery stores, bazaars and numerous cafes and restaurants offering Mexican cuisine meals. You should eat some Mexican food, especially foods sold in the streets such as tacos, tamales, and elotes.

Dining and Nightlife


The gastronomy of Tulum offers a variety of bars and restaurants offering everything from traditional Mexican to international meals. Some must-try restaurants include:

  1. Hartwood: Popular for its farm-to-table approach as well as the eat-out culture with open-air dining arrangements.
  2. Posada Margherita: A simple and popular Italian restaurant that became well-known for freshly made pasta and sea views.
  3. Gitano: Serves authentic Mexican food with a fashionable and vibrant environment.

If you want to taste more genuine local cuisines, go to the taquerias and food sellers in the main town of Tulum. For mouth-watering tacos at an extremely low price, La Chiapaneca is the place to be.


The night life in Tulum is a bit quiet but energetic and energetic enough with night clubs, beach bars which feature live music and DJs. There are famous full moon parties at Papaya Playa Project and available jungle parties at Casa Jaguar and Gitano. But for a casual evening out, have a cocktail in one of the bars with a view of the beach while listening to the ocean.

Practical Tips

  1. Currency: The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso, with the international currency code, MXN. Credit cards are normally used but taking small change for petty buys and tips is useful.
  2. Language:Spanish spoken here is official language but English is understood well particularly in areas that have tourists.
  3. Transportation: Biking is one of the ways that people use when moving around within Tulum. Taxis are also easily available but always negotiate the fare before departing from the destination.
  4. Safety: Crime rates are comparatively low in Tulum, and overall, tourists can safe, but one should always be hustle and take measures of precautions that are needed in every travel destination.


In addition, Tulum has a flavor that attracts every type of traveler. If you are a history enthusiast, Tulum features classic ruins, if a water at the Cenotes lover or you’re into sun, sea and sand or even savor gourmet Tulum is perfect for you. Some of the features that can make it a memorable and quite attractive vacation destination are the natural environment, its cultural and historical sites in addition to the available modern amenities.

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