Cancun Travel Guide

Cancun Travel Guide


Cancun is a beautiful coastal city in the northeast coastline, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, which is famous for its tourist attractions such as beautiful sandy beaches, fabulous nightlife and interesting history. This natural treasure located along the shores of the Caribbean Sea brags an excellent combination of tourism, saved in equal measures of pleasure and discovery. Here is the Cancun travel guide that will provide its visitors with the best tips on how to have a great time.

Getting There

By Air: This airport is Cancun International Airport (CUN) which hosts many flights from different cities round the globe. The distance of the airport with the hotel zone is approximately 12 miles or 20 kilometers.

**By Bus:Organized public transportation, referred to as ADO buses, makes transportation between Cancun and other Mexican cities accessible. There is one main bus station in Hanoi which is in the downtown area and there are only some international standard companies which offer cheap and fine travel services.

Best Time to Visit

Peak Season: During December, January, February, March and right through April. They point to friendly and enjoyable weather as well as favorable for most activities such as those on the beach. However, this is also one of the most filled with tourists and one of the most expensive.

Off-Peak Season: It is during May to November. In a nutshell, it is warmer with occasionally it rains and has low season on accommodations and tour packages . For instance, it is worth to remember that the period between June and November is considered to be the hurricane season.

Where to Stay

Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera): This is the most preferred segment where tourists get to enjoy luxury accommodation; they inclusive hotels and corresponding resort facilities, and a lively nightlife. It is a very small plain area of the land though it has the lagoon on one side and the beach part on the other side.

Downtown Cancun (El Centro): It is more local, has cheaper facilities for accommodation, food joints that include food markets among others.

Puerto Morelos: A more relaxed spot, 30 min drive south of Cancun; exactly for those who want to spend their vacations situated in a small town without many tourists.


Playa Delfines: more natural and not as touristy as the one in Tsuruga; it has turquoise color and exceptional waves.

Playa Tortugas: Known for water activities, night life and ample entertainment. It is has a comparatively smoother water channel, and therefore suitable for swimming.

Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres): This is a beautiful beach nested just a short ferry ride south of Cancun, with its crystal clear, not very deep water and elegance of white sand.

Things to Do

Explore Mayan Ruins:

  • Chichen Itza: One of the New Seven Wonders of the World; situated approximately 2 kilometers away from the present coast. 5 hours from Cancun. Visitors should include the giant Structure 5, locally known as El Castillo or the Temple of the Sun.
  • Tulum: Hints at an exotic setting of Mayan temple complexes that are scenically set on the Caribbean coast, roughly 1. 5 hours south of Cancun on the breathtaking Mexican coastline is a direct route through one of the most extraordinary and exclusive parts of the Caribbean.
  • El Rey Ruins: The ruins are situated in the Hotel Zone and can thus it is easy to locate them and get a glimpse of the historic past of the area.

Water Activities:

  • Snorkeling and Diving: The largest reef system stretching across the Mesoamerican region is the second largest in the world provides beautiful views of the undersea world. Some of the famous tourist attractions include Punta Nizuc and a particularly interesting underwater museum, MUSA.
  • Cenotes: Freshwater sinkholes with clear water used for plunge pools. Some of the best-known cenotes include Dos Ojos and Ik Kil that are located on the Cancun peninsula.
  • Xcaret Park: An eco cultural park including snorkeling,amphitrite, subterranean river and cultural show.

Nightlife and Entertainment:

  • Coco Bongo:Known for circus performances, the live music, and a livelydowntown area.
  • Mandala: Still a fashionable club located in the Hotel Zone offering parties based on themes and good music.
  • *La Vaquita: Identified as a fun bar, which adorns its decorations with cow accessories.


  • La Isla Shopping Village: Boulevard with the shops of intense interest for the tourists which is located in the Hotel Zone and containing both the worldwide known brands and the local designers’ workshops.
  • **Mercado 28:A market situated in the downtown area is ideal for visitors to purchase trinkets, various local artworks, and Mexican products.

Day Trips:**

  • Isla Mujeres: This island is gorgeous, with attractive white-sand beaches, the Turtle Farm, and Garrafon Natural Reef Park.
  • Cozumel: It is famous for its nice diving places; there is a possibility to get there only using a ferry from Playa del Carmen.
  • Valladolid: One of the colonial towns close to the famous tourist attractions of Chichen Itza that can provide a closer look at mexican life and customs.


Local Cuisine:

  • Tacos al Pastor: grilled pork tacos marinated with red ingredients usually garnished with pine apples.
  • Ceviche: A special dish of fresh seafood that has marinated in lime juice and blended with tomatoes, onions and spices cilantro.
  • Cochinita Pibil: Traditional Mexican slow-cooked pig meat soaked in the juice of the achiote tree together with those of citrus fruits.


  • La Habichuela: They serve Mayan food especially and has a very beautiful garden like sitting area.
  • Lorenzillo’s: ??? It is particularly well known for its seafood and particularly the lobster.
  • La Parrilla: Provide a conventional Mexican meal, meals; and live telecast of live Mexican music dealers known as mariachi.

Practical Tips

  • Currency: Moving average 200: Mexican Peso (MXN). There are many places that accept credit cards, however, it is advisable to have cash outside big hotels and restaurants and especially for local markets and local sellers.
  • Language: Spanish must be accompanied at almost all times, however English is spoken in most of the areas that are frequented by tourists.
  • Safety: The tourist should note that Cancun is generally safe for tourists, however it’s advised to use elementary caution at all times; especially while on less crowded areas.


  • **Buses:Cohete R-1 and R-2 is inexpensive and offers easy access to the Hotel Zone as well as downtown area.
  • Taxis: Healthier options can be found in abundance packed with nutrients but can be costly. It is relevant to discuss the fare before boarding the car suggesting an increased fare if you are a few people more than the number of passengers who ordered the car.
  • Car Rentals: Convenient in terms of having a base from which to travel to see more of Mexico than just Cancun. Always make sure you have enough insurance and get to know the applicable traffic laws of the place.

Cultural Etiquette

  • Greetings: A simple handshake or the goofy, peck on the cheek is routine.
  • **Tipping:It is usually added on the bill in restaurants at 10-15% especially for large meals or events,for staff in hotels and tour guides.
  • Respect: Some people when travelling to different countries just prefer to visit religious sites of other countries and this must be discouraged because if one is not acceptable to the gods of the country he/she is visiting then he/she should not visit those sites.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Avoid Single-Use Plastics: It is recommended to carry water flasks and shopping bags for buying water at the camp.
  • Respect Wildlife: Swimming and snorkeling are allowed on the proposal but avoid touching any marine organisms or taking anything from site.
  • Stay on Designated Paths: To protect and conserve natural and archeological points of interest.


Cancun features a combination of carefully balanced delicious leisure, activity, and sightseeing. Whether it is sunbathing on sandy beaches, visiting historical site, or dancing at nightclubs, this destinations will definitely captivate your. Stick to your plans, make sure to be considerate of the Mexican culture meanwhile enjoy the various attractions that Cancun has to offer.

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