Spectacular Palma Beach….. Lover boy of Mediterranean Sea…..a quick guide…..

Palma, capital city of the Spanish Balearic Island Majorca –situated in Mediterranean Sea off eastern coast of country– is stunning destination that includes things like rich history, lively culture and awesome natural landscape. Palma is the biggest city on the island and a popular travel place for those who prefer relaxing execution combined with great opportunities to explore ancient landmarks.

One of the best known landmarks in Palma is the Cathedral, popularly called La Seu. The beautiful Gothic of this cathedral, perched above the Mediterranean Sea and bearing witness to all that happened, can only be articulated as a masterpiece of architecture and symbol of the city. The cathedral’s interior is just as impressive as the exterior; manicured stained glass windows cover its walls and a beautiful nave makes up its insides. Visitors can also visit the Cathedral Museaunt which contains a religious art and artifacts.

A stroll around the historic Old Town is an absolute must for those who are keen on the historical and cultural side of visiting cities. Cobblestone streets decrease and increase in the city’s charming neighborhoods with centuries-old buildings, beautiful squares, little guarded courtyards. Another historical treasure giving a glimpse of the past is The Royal Palace of La Almudaina, which was originally built as a medieval fortress with Moorish roots.

Bellver Castle is a perfect round fortress located on the high ground, over Palma city. Its history is long and respectful. The 14th century castle that one can be found on the hillside of the city offers magnificent views over it and beyond. People can visit the castle to study its interior because once inside, so to speak sits the museum of city history.

The history of Palma is not the only thing to know; it possesses a very colorful cultural life. In addition, many art galleries located in the city are available along with theaters and music places. This is demonstrated by a heterogeneous gallery of modern and contemporary works exhibited in Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art, and also by the Teatre Principal which provides all kinds of performances – theatre, dances, concerts.

It is due to its beaches that Palma attracts many tourists when it comes to leisure and relaxation. Playa de Palma, set along the coastline stretching miles long, features golden sands and clear waters. Visitors can enjoy a range of water sports activities, sunbathing on the beach or simply just walk along the busy promenade that has shops, restaurants and cafes.

Another acquaintance with Palma’s culinary scene – numerous restaurants offering all the best Spanish and Mediterranean food flavors. From tapa bars to five-star seafood restaurants, the city provides for all lifestyles. Local delicacies comprise of delicious paella, ensaïmada which is a types of sweet pastry and fresh sea food that visitors can relish.

There is plenty to explore for shopping lovers – designer boutiques, local desane markets and adorable stores complementing each other in Palma. A street Passeig des Born is one of the most popular streets for business in Barcelona. It has on its side fashion stores, cafes and ancient historical sites.

Upon considering this topic, it may be said that Palma, Spain is a very diversified place as representing the attraction of history and culture; it also offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Wether anyone visit Palma to see ancient landmarks, visiting the different carnivals that continually fill the streets or simply enjoying the sun on one of its gorgeous mile long beaches bathed in crystal blue water it is sure that anyone that comes will fall in love with its charm and diversity.

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