Spectacular HALLSTATT…..the paradise of Alps with it’s breathtaking landscape…..

Hallstatt is an idyllic village situated in the Salzkammergut area on Austria. Rich in Alpine landscapes, charming houses and historical atmosphere. If you’re planning a tour to Hallstatt, here are some details that might be helpful:

Getting There:

By Train: The closest train station to Hallstatt is that of the Hallstatt Bahnhof. Cars can be used to reach Hallstatt from Salzburg and Vienna cities.

By Car: allow yourself to drive if you prefer and Hallstatt can be reached by car. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that the entrance to this village is not for vehicular movement. One will have to leave the car at specified parking lots.

Tourist Attractions:

Hallstatt Village: Walk through the narrow streets, beautiful houses and so on in Hallstatt or consider spending time at their central market square. The village itself is protected as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Hallstatt Skywalk “World Heritage View”: This is a viewing platform that gives tremendous panorama visions of Hallstatt and its neighboring mountains.

Hallstatt Salt Mine: Head to the Hallstatt Salt Mine and learn more about the deep heritage of salt mining in this part.


Boat Tour on Lake Hallstatt: Take a boat tour in Lake Hallstatt to have an amazing panoramic view of the village and Dachstein Alps.

Hiking: Talking about the Halstatt, it offers multiple hiking trails due to the different skill level. The trails are very picturesque in looks because the lake and mountains can be seen clearly.


Hallstatt Museum: Find out about the history and culture of Hallstatt, such as its prehistoric era.


Local Restaurants: Consider one of the numerous restaurants in Hallstatt to try Austrian local cuisine. Some sample dishes will include Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel and local fish from Lake Hallstatt.


Handicraft Shops: Hallstatt is famous for handcrafted souvenirs and products. Look for unusual gifts like Austrian traditional clothing, ceramics, and wood arts.


Weather can vary: Hallstatt has a temperate type of weather characterized by cool winters and mild summers. Before your trip check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.

Tour Packages:

Consider to book a Guided tour or even package that will include transportation, guided activities and may be meal.

Make sure to cross check for any restrictions on travel, entry requirements or updates regarding COVID -19 since these can affect your travel plan. Always wise to make reservations for popular attractions or activities in advance.

For more information please visit the below link : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallstatt

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