Exploring Tarifa, Spain: Where people come to have some adrenaline and on the other hand to bring calm to.

On the southernmost tip of the country, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, it is the beautiful town of Tarifa, surrounded by the water, where one can find lots of good experiences. Not for nothing is Tarifa world famous for its wonderful sunny beaches, dynamic culture and exciting water based sports activities you would probably never dream to try, catering splendidly to those lazy days on the beach and adrenaline kicks of adventure as well. This travel guide opens up the Tarifa, a place where people who want to discover its fascinating history, wide range of the activities and beautiful landscapes are welcome.

History and Culture

The Hemul could brag of the deep – rooted history that runs back to the ancient days when it used to be the strong fortress situated under the rule of the Moors. The city has Tarif ibn Malik, a military Berber leader, a name derived from whom in the 8th century who led the Islamic conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. For ages, Tarifa was the area where different civilizations faced each other, like the Romans, Vandals, and Visigoths, all of them left a heritage through the archities or the way of life.

Nowadays, it is possible to fully experience this mesmerizing characteristic of Tarifa when strolling through the whitewashed streets with fabled markets, eateries, and stops for a coffee and people-watching. Lugo’s Moorish legacy is tangible in its architectural gems, like GuzmanΒ΄s Castle and the old cityΒ΄s walls that give a birds-eye view towards the coast and out to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Beaches and Nature**

Tarifa boasts of stunning beaches, which are innumerable and afford an equal opportunity to beach lovers and the water sports’ fanatics to enjoy all the possibilities the sea has to offer. The beach Playa de Los Lances boasts of fine, golden sands and crystal clear water which are a perfect spots for sunbathings and swimming. On the other hand, broken waves in sandy parts make the Playa de Valdevaqueros an ideal spot for adventure sports such as kite boarding and wind surfing due to the transformation brought about by the wind into the strong waves.

In addition to that, nature lovers will find a peace corner in Tarifa in a nearby Parque Natural del Estrecho that offers plenty of places for hiking, birdwatching and spot the local wildlife. The park shelters different ecosystems namely coastal dunes, pine forests, and wetlands, where Latino people can encounter various species of plants and animals that migrate between north and south. Sometimes a gray whale even crosses the Strait.

Adventure Sports

Tarifa is seemingly more than the wind capital of Europe, as plenty water sport enthusiasts from all over praises its sheer energy and move to the area. This way Tarifa attracts many windsurfers, kite surfers, and even divers (ipsi facto adrenaline junkies). The golden city of Tangier is known for these extreme sports with kiteboarding and windsurfing are a particular drawing points, because of the consistent wind that blows over the Strait of Gibraltar. First-timers can take the lessons with the certified instructors, and later go to test their skills to the ocean waves. A much more experienced surfers can try themselves in rough conditions offered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Whereas those looking for thrills from another kind might also find horseback riding along and rock climbing in the limestone cliffs. The local territory is a supremely diverse combination of mountain, sea and countryside. It eliminates the role of outdoor sport while never daring the experience.

Cuisine and Nightlife

No tourist has come to Tarifa in vain without enjoying its wonderful cuisine, which is quintessentially Andalusian with some journey to Morocco. Fresh seafood reigns supreme here, distinct for the place, with the local specialties of grilled sardines, seafood paella and marinated tuna. Different kinds of food products including these delicious samples are available for the visitors of these restaurants and beach bars which are found in plenty throughout the city.

The second Tarifa fairy tale starts when the Sun goes down and it`s crowded with the being vibrant nightlife with a mix of the beach parties, live music performances and the β€œcozy” bars with the refreshing cocktails and the excellent local wine The ambience of this place is laid back and varied with this delicate make up of old and new crowd, both locals, and tourists who have come together to witness the swing of the town dotted with its inherent charm.


Lastly, who can overlook that Tarifa is an unexposed pearl by the Andalusian shoreline blessed with natural beauty, cultural wealth in addition to the adrenaline boost? Maybe it’s about meeting your escapade on the beach, stillness on the water, or discoveries in the wilderness, you just need to be in the right place and Tarifa has everything this traveler needs. Hence, tailor your bags and then start the unprecedented journey wherein you will realize that adventure and tranquility closeness to each other.

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