Tenby, a gem of a medieval fishing town situated in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Wales creates an indelible impression on visitors with its beautiful scenery, incredible natural surroundings, and soulful vibe. Either a sedate beach holiday or an adventurous nature will have your travel experience completed with the presence the Welsh heritage. Wether it is its bright buildings, flawless beaches or cozy streets, nothing looks more ancient than Tenby itself, and that is exactly why magic on this place attracts the thourists from many places around.

Getting There:
By the airport, train, bus or even your private car, Tenby is very accessible indeed. If you are traveling by car, the city is situated just off the A477 roadway, with easy access to parking spaces in designated locations, provided that you just use your phone for directions and follow the given instructions. Public transport for the users is a railway station in the centre of tenby, that provides a range of route towards bigger cities like Cardiff and Swansea which are on regular schedule. As well as this, to and from towns there are coach buses running, so this mode of transportation is very much convenient for travelers.

Barn-friendly bed and breakfasts to lavish and classy sea resorts, Tenby give you a choice of accommodation based on your selections and budget. Tushingers can spend their nights in appealing guest-houses with the most beautiful views over the ocean or there is an opportunity to stay in tiny adorable cottages, hidden in the old narrow streets of this small town. In addition to getting an immersion-worthy experience there also camping and caravan sites nearby the town which in turn help the travelers to be one with the naturality of area.

Exploring the Town:
The fact that Tenby is highly compact has made it any better in walking. Stroll through the streets of the city with colourful Georgian houses on both sides which are full of life. Visit local shops and cafe which are on the route and all will benefit you to get a flavour of the whole experience. The diverse port area is a definite cannot-be-missed, where you can sit down near the water and enjoy the view of the fishing boats bobbing and take in the experience of selling fresh seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants.

Being called the best beaches in Wales, Tenby can boast of its squeaky clean and well-kept ones. The town boasts three main beaches: Humans have given names to different areas to identify distinct features such as North Beach, South Beach, and Castle Beach Every beach poses its own special attraction, from the wide sunny stretches of South Beach to the shielded harbor of Castle Beach. If you like tanning now just lay back in the sun, enjoy a relaxing walk along the strait or water sports such as water surfing and kayaking. There must be all the way opportunity to relax and have fun on the beaches of Tenby.

Historic Sites:
History fans, of course, shall be more than excited to see the culture of Tenby with preservation of the sites and others being the key. Tenby Castle, which is located on a high over looking the whole town and the port, is a wonderful destination to explore. The castle offers the visitor a fantastic view of the coastline and the port. A walk along the town walls, built in 12th century, is truly recommendable, since it holds those thrilling stories of the 13th century Tenby. St. Mary’s Church which is popular not only for being a great example of gothic architecture through its tall tower but also for having the intricate tombs is something that one should not miss seeing.

Outdoor Activities:
Fans of outdoor sports in Tenby will be thrilled by many options due to its captivating outdoor ambience. Put aside a time that will allow you to take a leisurely coastal walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast Road, twisting and turning along the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches, and taking in the breathtaking views with every step. Other group of people not to be overlooked, are the birdwatchers. These group f people will be able to spot a variety of seabirds and wildlife. On the other hand, the water sports enthusiasts can partake in activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding along the coastal line.

Dining and Nightlife:
Tenby prides itself in the great restaurants, pubs and cafes that dot the town, where hungry tourists can find a wide range of mouth-watering buffet and fine eateries at affordable costs. You could make cawl (a warm and savory stew) or Welsh rarebit (a lovely and delicious cheese toast) at one of the haven of eateries in town and have a different taste sensation by exploring the local fresh seafood. And beneath the brim of the town the evening sets in; there are lively pubs and bars each with its own unique atmosphere in which you can enjoy the taste of a local ale brewed with skill and care, or maybe local musical talent on a live stage.

Day Trips:
While Tenby on its own is a beautiful and entertaining city, it also constitute an excellent standpoint for further explorations of sites in the neighboring region. Have a short drive to the famous Pembrokeshire Coast National Park where you can see picturesque beaches, old cliffs and charmingly beautiful fishing villages. Alternatively, fishing boat trips to Tranquil Caldey Island, where sandy beaches are followed by a stunning seashore monastery, varying the tone and atmosphere, giving you a good balance between the action and peace.

Tenby indeed is an experience not to be forgotten, where you’ll come a place of natural beauty, of interesting history and of friendly welsh hospitality. There is everything for you to find inner peace on the beach, crave thrilling adventures in the wild or spark interest in the local’s unique customs – all this in Tenby. Tenby has the attractive landscapes depicted with its antique characteristics, and the very sparkling and exciting environment which encourages tourists to detect the exceptional beauty of the port situated in the heart of Wales.

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