Enchanting Madeira

Exploring the Enchantment of Madeira: The port of Funchal is teeming with activity, the most prominent of which is undoubtedly the loss of the ship carrying thousands of lives to the silent depths of the sea. Only a few of the passengers managed to reach land, making their way through the dense And a truly captivating soul this once was…

Madeira island, an enchanting paradise, is wearing the crown of Atlantic ocean, surrounded by the Portuguese shore. Everybody would be sure to mention the untainted scenery, rich heritage, and fascinating customs since Madeira is a legendary travel destination. Let us travel together back to our community in a virtual 3D world where we discover the captivating beauty and joyful spirit of this island.

Day 1: Here we are in Funchal

We start our adventures at CRIA airport in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. From the very moment of getting there, we are awakened to the fresh sea breeze and to the smell of unusual flowers enfolding the surrounding space.

Upon our arrival to the place we stay in Funchal, we step out wandering among the small and cute streets of the city. Walking down the colorful corridors with the picturesque Antonio Siqueira alleyways, we move towards the animated Mercado dos Lavradores, where we take our time checking average shops out. Over there, we pick the fresh fruits, cheese, which is made manually, curds and milk, and we relish the unusual tastes of Madeiran cuisine.

Suspending our journey for a while, we precede to take in the beauty of the horizon from the coastal promenade, where the captivating sun is going down. With the city’s lights invisible in the distance, we relax on the beach near the sea as the stars and moon provide the only natural light. We feast on traditional dishes like Espetada and Black Scabbardfish.

Day 2: Discovering The Nature Wonders of Madeira.

Finally we moved out of bed, and we went to scrutinize the amazing nature of Madeira. At first, the tall Cabo GirΓ£o, which stands as the second highest sea cliff in the world, is our place of wonder where we can see the vast panoramas that extend from the capes of the rocky coast to the groves of distant islands down at the deep blue sea below.

Then, the scene shifts inland to Laurisilva Forest, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site and is an ancient forest that has pretty much remained exactly the same for millions of years. We are hiking along some well-tread trails and every step gives us the best shade of the overlooking century-old trees. Suddenly, we encounter a waterfall, endemic plants, and an abundance of wildlife among which the only bird we have been hearing singing in a few seconds make an appearance.

Good times are not over, it’s now for lunch time, we locals delicacies while enjoying nature around us.

In the afternoon, we go to the cozy town of Santana where most of the houses have triangular shape with thatched roofs that are considered as the trademarks of this town. That’s where we plunge ourselves into Madeira’s cultural heritage. We uncover local skills like wicker work and embroidery, while tasting local treats like the bolo do caco and the Poncha, a traditional madeiran refreshing drink that’s made from honey, aguardente, and lemon juice.

**Day 3: A Coaster Tour with a cultural twist.

Venturing that very day, we start our magnificent whale watching trip from the scenic fishing harbor of CΓ’mara de Lobos. Surfing the curves of the old coastline, we stick closely to each other in hopes to see a playful school of dolphins, a majestic whale or one of many other marine species that populate the azure marine environment.

From inviting all the ocean to come aboard, after our glorious sea encountering, we head back to land and drive on the picturesque coast of Madeira stopping at beautiful sea towns and sheltered coves on our route. Our next stop is along the beaches of Ponta do Sol with some piece of sunlight, a lively waterfront promenade and then we move on to the historic town of Ribeira Brava, a place filled with ancient churches and historic landmarks where we will explore them.

Sometime in the evening, we visit a traditional Madeiran folk night performance where we are in awe with the beautiful music, stories and dance, which the locals use to celebrate their rich culture. Through the participatory learning, we pick up the dance steps by locals and interact with them, which give us an understanding on the local culture’s soul and spirit.

Day 4: Goodbye Spain, hello Madeira!

As the travel approaches its end, we get to cherish our last moments here, the splendid outlooks and a truly welcoming culture of Madeira islands. Finally, we finish our daylong excursion with a relaxed breakfast with the oceanfront view. And then, we grab one last smile down the street of Funchal before going home.

Finally, we bid farewell to Madeira. Now, the features of this unrivalled island get into our minds, and we know these memories will travel inside already became a part of us.


The inspired silhouettes of its spectacular cliffs and dense forests, and the village’s extraordinary beauty and vivacious culture, spoils the tourists who are excited for any adventure, or peaceful and cultural immersion during their holiday. Madeira makes for an amazing travel destination. What you’ll find here is the natural beauty of the island’s wonders, its irresistible cuisine, and its rich cultural heritageβ€”all of which will not only captivate but also leave an unforgettable mark on anyone who sets foot here. Let’s go on a trip to this “Elysium” island as we are going to experience the natural beauty and the magical atmosphere that is never faded.

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