**Exploring Tromsø, Norway: Just imagine the opening sequence of Frozen in real life!

Tromsø, the city that is located in the mesmerizing subarctic landscapes of Norway, is a real pearl of arctic beauty. This fascinating sub-arctic city nestled up in the high Arctic provides one with an exciting combination of stunning nature’s wonders, rich culture, and thrilling adventures to surrender themselves to. With me we’ll set off on a voyage and discover what Tromsø and its surroundings have to give us just based on this intricately conjured schedule.

**Day 1: There could not be an arrival at the second world without acclimatization and getting the hang of the things. Firstly, the things that one needs to resettle with must be addressed.
Amazement and utmost alleviation of your heart is the first thing to do upon arrival in Tromsø. Your eyes fall on the circling snow-covered mountains. Check into wherever you are staying and be ready to embark on your experiences. According to the time when you will arrive, you can choose to visit the city center to get familiar with its beautiful streets and utmost attractions through enjoying the relaxing walks. Don’t forget Tromssø cathedral, which demonstrates magnificently the beauty of Norwegian architecture.

Day 2: Discovering Tromsø
Begin your exploration on the picturesque Polaria Museum, a place where the Arctic ecosystem and its inhabitants are unveiled in an exciting way with an easy-to-grasp interactive exhibits and captivating imagery. Subsequently, ascend Mount Storsteinen by the Fjellheisen cable car for aerial views of the town and its scenic country intertwined with the water bodies. Upon coming to an end of the striding, do not miss a traditional Norwegian lunch at any of the local comfort food providers.

Inthe afternoon spend asmuch time visiting Tromso`s famous Polar museum. You will acquire information about Iqaluit’s development into the center of a major Arctic exploration and a whaling hub Take a tour, admire the rich museum game of exhibits, and watch it all come to life through hundreds of artifacts and photos.

In the course of the day falling upon you, embark on a Northern Lights tour for the possibility to see the unbelievable demonstration of nature in the Arctic sky. Thanks to Tromsø’s excellent location, this place is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, and these magic light formations will capture you with their spell forever.

Day 3: Arctic Adventures
The dog sledding tour now will begin. Be the part of an Arctic adventure that will make you believe this is the best day of your life. Get involved into the husky sledding with our professional musher and enjoy the pleasure and excitement of driving through snow gothed trails leaded by a pack of strong and witty huskies. During the trip check frequently to take in the picturesque fabulousness of the Arctic nature and capture the precious moments.

Next, come to the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden after you are finished with dogsledding. The purpose is to stay warm. Although situated in north area, the garden showcases a lot of Arctic and Alpine kind of plants, thus, letting the visitors glimpse at the magical diversity of their indigenous flora.

In the evening, experience a traditional Sami dinner, where you will feel the power of authentic Sami cuisine and listen to an interesting story about indigenous people and culture of northernmost inhabitants of Norway.

Day 4: Coastal Excursion
Take an opportunity to explore the fjords and islands pursuing at the Tromsø coast going on the scenic coastal excursion. Boarding the vessel, start the trip by cruising along the rocky coastline and let the breathtaking sights of towering cliffs, rushing waterfalls and diverse wildlife entertain you throughout your journey. Scan the horizon with your eyes towards seals, seabirds, and possibly whales communicating with each other through waves.

Along the journey, your ship got to a deserted fisher village that was located on the coast. Here you are able to mix with locals, taste scrumptious fresh fish that was recently caught, as well as get an idea of traditional Norwegian coastal life.

As the day draws a line, take again a journey to Tromsø and taste a farewell dinner at the restaurant near the waterfront, where you can share a table with other participants and enjoy delicacies of Norway while thinking over the events remembered while being in the North.

Visitors of Tromsø is provided with an adventure no one less than the most breathtaking sceneries, our rich cultural heritage and plenty of outdoor activities giving you an unforgettable travel experience. If you want to observe the relics of the Northern Lights, activate your ownsters with the huskies, or just explore the ancient sights of this fantastic city – welcome to Greenland! It will touch your heart and make you eager for more. Hence, grab your suitcase and take out on your journey a wonderful lifetime in Tromso, Norway.

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