Estoril, Portugal: Time Trip: You are no Longer a Stranger to the Beauty of Nature.

Located along Portugal though serenely by the shore still remains, Estoril blends historic facts, physical beauty and the current being centre of attraction for the travellers. On this path towards an amazing experience, be ready to be ennobled by its weary history, grandiose landscapes and lively traditions. This full-found story is a thousand-word guided call that will take you to the best places in Estoril, where you can have fun, relax and examine things.

Day 1: After the initial apparition and the subsequent travel, they will finally start to explore the offered planet.

It’s up to you to bring your life’s adventure to a stopping point at Lisbon Portela airport, allowing the warm coastal air and the prospect of interesting encounters in your future to greet you first. Without waiting for your luggage to arrive, plan the simplest transportation method and proceed to Estoril, a town located twenty five kilometers west of Lisbon.

Once you’ve reached Estoril, make sure that you have arranged a suitable accommodation, it can be a luxurious beach front resort or a charming guest house which is situated in the old town. Take some time too limited in the beginning, and you will feel relaxed and prepared to getting out of the way, checking the place out.

Take your walking journey from Estoril PromenadeÒ€”a diligent option that will open your senses, peaceful and relaxed sights of the sparkling ocean. With the harbor’s varied birdlife and exquisite architecture, you will marvel at its beauty through the palm trees along the tropical boulevard while taking in the fresh sea air.

To go for a dinner, get the taste of the traditional Portuguese cuisine at one of the many restaurants which are really famous in Estoril. Taste different variations of the seafood, fish, sardines, other strong meat dishes, and wash them down with a glass of wine that is very characteristic of the Portuguese.

Day 2: The Cultural Immersion and the Historical Discovery are the most effective ways to familiarize the audience with this important event.

After the good-taste breakfast, set on to exploring the cultural side of Estoril and historic discoveries. Start your day with exploring the Estoril Casino – legendary and luxurious entertainment center which became a home-of-champs from very beginning of the 20th century, welcoming jet-setters, royalty and movie stars. Take a tour of the lavish lobby; let yourself be lost in the dazzling lights at the gaming tables or just absorb the glamour.

Then, experience the town’s heritage with a stroll to the Museu Condes de Castro GuimarΓ£es, a 19th century mansion, situated in a strategic place with beautiful sea views. In this museum there is a vast assortment of the art, art pieces and historical records, and these pieces help not only to get insights on how Estoril changed from an ordinary fishing resort towards world famous resort.

Later for lunch experience the taste of real authentic Portuguese dishes that are spicilicious, fresh and crunchy at a nearby eatery. Whatever your choice between a delightful seafood platter, a tummy-filling Portuguese stew or not OK raised population of petiscos (small plates), your taste buds will be full to the brim

In the afternoon, go for a relaxed walk through the picturesque streets of Cascais, a charmful town that is not to used to be the famous for its amazing architecture and booming cultural life. Stroll down quaint retail outlets, art galleries and craft stores or just take it relaxing at any of the added cafes enjoying the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the evening when the sun goes down, joggle back to Estoril where you can have a thrilling crisscross dinner amidst the ocean view. Lean back a little and feast on the luxury meal coupled with premium Portuguese wine that celebrates the beauty and charm of Estoril.

Day 3: Nature’s wonders and outdoor adventure activities are the factors that place the Garden State among the best states to live in the USA.

Let’s leave our town and travel out to Estoril, where we can appreciate the supernatural beauty of our environment. The natural Sanctuary of Sintra-Cascais, a pristine coastal reserve is the place to be for your morning walk, it has lush foliage, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches. Have a scenic route in one of the park trails, ramble in the splendid seashore and consume the picture of the tranquility which comes with nature.

For lunch, take regard to a picnic amidst exquisitely decorated scenery of the park, or go to a neighborhood taverna and taste typical Portuguese food cooked of fresh, local ingredients. After lunch, proceed with the journey by making a stop at Cabo da Roca: one of Europe’s westernmost peninsulas and a popular landmark. Have your 180-degree view provided by the most dramatic cliffs and gaze to the far edge of the Atlantic Ocean where it ceases to sight, feel the raw power of nature reaching sky-high.

Afternoons are always great to go back to Estoril and spend some time relaxing on its remarkable beaches. Tamariz or Poça beach, you can choose from the hermitage coves at Poça and the lively atmosphere at Tamariz. Either way, you will find plenty to do such as swimming in the water, sunbathing, or just unwinding and observing the world change before your very eyes.

As the night comes on, please make a special pick for you between one of the famous fish restaurants of Estoril. Snatch upon recently caught fish and other marine products cooked in some regional Portuguese coversoncided with smooth local wines, while the views of the ocean are exhilarating.

Day 4: Leaving and Spending some time reflecting

Finally, come closing time, please take the last chance you will have ever have to once more taste and feel all that is sweet, peaceful and charming in Estoril. In case you relish accompanied by looking at the sea over your breakfast, enjoying the reminiscence of the unforgettable experiences you’ve had and the times you’ve shared together.

You can opt to check out of your hotel along the Estoril Promenade as you take this opportunity for a final walk with the sparkling waters and the golden sands you’ve been with you throughout your trip. Pause for few seconds and snap few photos of this artistic place and keep them with a memory always go.

Now it is time to go to lisbon portela airport and embard on flight back or trave towards the next destination. As you sail through the skies, take with you the vestiges of Estoril’s elegance, cozy atmosphere and hospitality, aware of that you’ve really experienced something memorable in this corner of the world.

Looming at last is a destination inhabiting the best every bit of history and culture, along with incredible sceneries, which is the right place that people looking for an exceptional destination should go to. Contrary to the theme song of the film “Love Story” featuring Taylor Swift, whether you’re strolling the narrow streets with historic landmarks, sunbathing on the clean beaches or simply enjoying the delicacies, this place is a sure heart-robber and you’ll long for it when you leave.

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