Biarritz: In the Mix of Finesse and Ambition

There at southwest of southern France offers you a breathtaking paradise beach. It is the revived historic town and a home of booming culture. Back then only a humble fishermen village, Biarritz is the place where luxury and relaxation go hand in hand and find a perfect balance. It is iconic lighthouse and world-known surfing that make Biarritz a gateway to every traveller and ensure that they get what they want.

History and Culture

The history of Biarritz is as fascinating as the place itself but for this essay to say more about it’s prehistory will just steal from the point of the article. Fishing basque people used to live in this town before it got popular and it enjoyed it widely under the rule of Napoleon III whose wife was named EugΓ©nie. Her discovery of the therapeutic water is the greatest historical attraction for the town. It is this royal backing that actually made Biarritz one of the most elegant places in Europe, known for aristocrats and artists who came from everywhere in Europe.

Remnants of Biarritz’s belle carried you you to the streets of the city and were seen in the big buildings of the belle Γ©poque era. The Hotel du Palais, an icon of the city which used to be the summer residence of Napoleon III and now is a luxury hotel, represents Biarritz’s heydays era of splendor.

While there is an aristocratic reminder, the town does not forget that Basque culture is part of its rich texture. Tourists can even endeavor to stay in touch with local traditions by partaking in the Bayonne Fest, which highlights the society through music, dance, and their sports.

Beaches and Surfing

The beach area of Biarritz is one of the most beautiful in the European continent. The biggest feature of the town is the Grande plage which is a very stunning beach in terms of golden sand and azure water. Therefore it is a favorite destination for the sunbathers as well as the swimmers. There can be a little more crowd in La Grande Plage. On other hand, for those looking for an atmosphere which is quite solemn and removed, CΓ΄te des Basques fits the bill: fine cliffs in the background, home of the most renowned surf club in town.

The sunny year-round surfing destination of Biarritz welcomes numerous surf enthusiasts who cannot miss out on experiencing its unparalleled surfing waves. As Biarritz meets the needs of professionals and surfers at all levels of skill, whether beginners or seasoned pros, it lives up to its reputation as the continent’s surfing capital. Surfing schools and rental locations are scattered along the beaches, like a “Surf Shop”, providing courses and equipment for those who want to give it a try, but never had surfed before.

Cuisine and Gastronomy

Moreover, Biarritz is a place that you cannot miss out experiencing its local specialties while staying there. Basque cuisine is mostly distinguished by using of absolute and immediate ingredients and only fresh smelling herbs and combining them with spices. Visitors can have the best meal ever with axoa (a stew comes from cubed veal and peppers), piperade (a wonderful mix of green peppers and red peppers, onions and tomatoes), and Bayonne ham which is the best cured meat produced by the area inhabitants for many centuries.

For seafood lovers, Biarritz will be a seafood paradise because of plenty of good quality fish dishes as restaurants serve mouth-watering oysters, mussels and BBQ fish straight out from Atlantic. Finish your meal with a delicious Basque wine or cider which will introduce an equally entertaining experience for all your senses.

Exploring Nature

Alongside its promenade and noisy shops, Biarritz is a great place to enjoy the wildlife for which it is known. The Phare de Biarritz with its views over the coastline and also mountains will impose its presence with all its grandeur from its perch at the top of the rocky promontory. Like the Marais d’Orx, a number of species finds habitat at many nature reserves, which turns into the bases from which birdwatching enthusiasts could explore.

Hikers and every outdoor advocates do not have to travel afar to be able to access the mountains of Pyrenees, nearly all of their trails pass among the thick woods and fields filled with alpine flowers. Whether your needs are for a just-for-leisure stroll or for a real hiking experience, the Pyrenees definitely give you all the fun of walking and adventure.

Shopping and Nightlife

Biarritz features the most stylish shops, boutiques, art galleries and cafes. therefore, if you are shopaholic or a culture vulture, Biarritz is the best paradise for you. Food lovers shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit Les Halles market, guaranteeing an impressive selection of food products, including fresh fruits, cheese and sweet treats.

As the night descends, the salt-tinged air fizzles with the sounds of Biarritz’s energetic night life. The town centers are equipped with exclusive clubs and bars, which are one spot for enjoying craft beer and live music shows among the other choices. The Public Casino is a stylish Art Deco building which will please those who want to have fun in real gambling.


Biarritz is a tourist attraction point with its incredible beaches, long history and multi-colored culture. The beauty of this place can not be described in words and give standalone experience for every traveler. The list could be endless: sunbathing on Cap Feron, surfing at Cote des Basques, or sightseeing some of the Historic Landmarks, but Biarritz have got everything blended in elegance and adventure that will amaze you all. So just grab a bagpack and follow your call and come to Biarritz and see it with your own eyes.

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